It is not easy to take that first step, but it all starts with a gift from you to you. You deserve it. You have arrived at a safe place where you can flourish and explore your true self. Don’t think of yourself as weak for reaching out. You are making a courageous step forward to explore the better version of yourself.

Rolla Khaddage

Hi I’m Rolla

A certified empowerment and confidence life coach

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At this point you are probably thinking: How would you benefit from working with an empowerment coach?

Embark on a journey of positive change with empowerment life coaching that helps you transform who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

I offer personal guidance, useful tools, and tailored strategies to tackle your challenges.

Together, we'll overcome limitations, uncover your true potential, and find real fulfillment.

The best part? This call is absolutely free, so don't hold back.

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I’m here to support If you:

… feel confused or stuck and need support to move forward.
… struggle with that voice in your head that keeps putting you down and stands between you and your success.
… find it difficult to make decisions and keep doubting yourself.
… struggle with your confidence and worried about not being up to the “standards”.
… carry the burden and not knowing how or when to say no.
… settling for less than you deserve.

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Rolla Khaddage

Who I Help

I assist women of all ages who want to discover their inner strength and reach their potential. Many of them might not fully understand themselves, tend to prioritize others, and are held back by limiting beliefs they might not even be aware of. They're tired of always putting others first and are eager to feel more fulfilled and at ease in their bodies and lives. With empowerment coaching, we work on overcoming hidden obstacles, finding your true self, and discovering ways for you to become the person you aspire to be.

How I Work

In my work, I use a hands-on and positive approach grounded in science. Combining positive psychology, coaching, and mindfulness, I focus on areas like self-love, confidence building, and emotional intelligence to support clients in reaching their personal development goals.
I view clients as capable and whole, not as need repairing. By asking thought-provoking questions, I tap into your inner wisdom, guiding you toward making meaningful and fulfilling changes in your life.
All sessions take place online in a safe and comfortable environment.

Discover your true self

Why work with me?

Throughout my career of 30 years, I’ve been an intuitive listener who taps into the needs of people. I’ve coached many people and have delivered more than I promised. My process is practical and structured. We delve in deep to identify your mindset and what could be holding you back to reach your goals. In the process I use emotional intelligence and quality defined techniques to suit your specific needs, which help to direct our conversation to results and not be full of fluff.

In our partnership, I will guide you to get a clear understanding of your goals, formulate an actionable plan, and nurture the skills and tools needed to fulfill your aspirations. Let’s write your success story together.

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What my clients are saying

  • Farah Itani

    “I'm so thankful for the amazing positive impact Rolla has had on my life. She came into my life unexpectedly but exactly when I needed guidance the most. Life is full of challenges, and we all have things to work on. Rolla has been my guiding light, helping me navigate through self-doubt, criticism, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs. In the nearly two months I've worked with her, my life has changed a lot. Rolla has this amazing ability to really listen and understand how I feel. She doesn't just give generic advice; she tailors her guidance to fit my needs. This personal approach has helped me overcome obstacles and take big steps toward a more positive and understanding mindset. During our sessions, Rolla has been there for me, providing support and insights crucial to my personal growth. Her wisdom and guidance have helped me let go of self-doubt and move towards a mindset that aligns with my true self. Now, my mindset is heading in a much better direction than I could have imagined before Rolla came into my life. I'm incredibly grateful for that. Rolla isn't just a life coach; she's a beacon of positive change, and her impact goes beyond our sessions. Thank you, Rolla, for being a crucial part of my journey towards self-discovery and a healthy mindset.”

    Farah Itani
    Real Estate Agent

  • Sucharita Misra

    “I was in the middle of a career transition when I started my coaching journey with my coach, Rolla Khaddage. I was in a state of confusion, filled with self-doubt and unable to decide in which direction to move ahead. My sessions with Rolla gave me an opportunity to look at my situation from a fresh perspective, overcome my self-limiting beliefs and plan ahead with positivity & clarity of thought. She created a safe environment for me to express myself and channelized my thoughts with her powerful questions and observant remarks. The self-assessment questionnaires that she administered enabled me to identify and tackle the areas of low confidence in my life. The coaching sessions gave me the insight that I need to be driven more by intrinsic approval than external approval, so that I can do what I am passionate about in my career. Overall, my coaching experience with Rolla has been empowering and enriching.”

    Sucharita Misra
    Learning and Development
    Consultant, Empowerment
    Bangalore, India

  • Maria Torres

    I first met Rolla as a peer coach in a life coaching certification program where we were part of a group of widely diverse individuals from all over the world. From the beginning, Rolla stood out as an active learner and contributor, capturing the attention of her colleagues with her intelligent questions and ideas, engaging personality, and strong worth ethic.
    Once we achieved certification, I asked Rolla if she would become my coach; it was a very positive, rewarding and successful process. Rolla is gentle yet firm, patient but focused on helping you overcome challenges. She is an active, highly intuitive listener with a great way of communicating powerful suggestions. Rolla brings to her coaching all the learnings from her own life-altering personal experiences and deep professional experience as a teacher, educator, and facilitator.
    Rolla is the ideal coach to go to if you face challenges or need guidance and support to overcome obstacles and make positive change.

    Hilary Pearl
    Founder of Pearl Associates
    Connecticut, USA

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Steps to get started

  • 1 To get started, just book your free discovery call. During the call we’ll chat informally about your current situation and goals. You can ask questions, and I'll explain how I work.
  • 2 If you decide to move forward, I'll send you a coaching contract and some assessments to help you think about your goals.
  • 3 In the first email, I'll also share a link for your package where you’ll have access to book sessions at a time that suits you. You have control over booking and can reschedule if need be.
  • 4 Once we agree to work together,we'll kick off our partnership with 90-minute foundational session.
  • 5 Then we’ll have 60-minute sessions two to four times a month. We'll regularly check in on your progress toward your goals. Email and WhatsApp messages support are available between sessions.

Just to note, all sessions are online, ensuring complete privacy. Let's get started!

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