Believe in yourself, for you are capable of incredible things if you look within

I’ve been there

Do you experience moments when your confidence is shaky?
Ever experienced imposter syndrome creeping in?
Has that voice in your head held you back from pursuing your dreams?
Do you usually doubt yourself and have a hard time making decisions?

I’ve been there and answered yes to all the above questions.
However, my life and professional experience have taught me to deal with the toughest of challenges life puts in my way.

My secret?

I learned to eliminate the noise around me and tap into my inner self to build my resilience, confidence, and overcome my self-doubt. Simply put "to shine within". The possibilities are infinite.

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My Story

Hi I’m Rolla the founder of Shining Within! I'm a passionate certified Woman Empowerment and Confidence Life coach and trainer on a mission to uplift women from all walks of life, helping them live a more fulfilling existence by discovering the better version of themselves.

Since I was a child, I was a people pleaser. I put everyone else as a priority ahead of myself. I was doing everything to make others happy thinking that if people love me, I will learn to love myself.

At 29, I went through a near-death experience while pregnant with my second child. I struggled for almost four months, in the hospital, hanging on a thin thread between life and death. My baby was born prematurely which added to my fear and anxiety.

Story of Rolla Khaddage

That experience was the turning point in my life. I shifted from fear to resilience, self-hate to self-love, self-doubt to confidence. I must be honest with you though, since then, life hasn’t been all peaches and roses. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, but I’ve been prepared to face challenges, overcome barriers and be bold in my life and career decisions, no matter how uncomfortable or scary the situation may have been. One of these decisions was to become a women empowerment and confidence life coach and start my Shining Within business.

Throughout my life and with over 30 years of work experience in various leadership roles, I realized how many women are living the empty life without realizing how their limiting beliefs, fear, and lack of confidence are holding them back from finding their true selves and purpose.

I am blessed to be able to have coached many women to overcome hurdles and discover a better stronger version of themselves.

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Rolla Khaddage

Professional About

- Certified Women Empowermentand Confidence Life Coach and Trainer

- Focus on helping women develop skills aligned with their values and purpose

- Expertise in building self-confidence and resilience, overcoming self-doubt and fears.


- Bachelor’s degree from The American University of Beirut

- Master’s degree in School Leadership and Management

- Intensive training in Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills

- Certified Women Empowerment and Confidence Life Coach by Symbiosis, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

- ICF member, expecting to receive Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentials in early 2024.

Career Highlights:

- Over 30 years of experience as a school leader, international trainer, and educational consultant

- Worked with renowned institutions such as the British Council

- Trained over 500 school leaders, 200 trainers, and 1000 teachers on leadership, life skills, inclusion, and gender equality

- Subject matter expert in confidence building, resilience, emotional intelligence, leadership and change management.

Certification and Affiliation

ICF Member Symbiosis

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